The oil and gas industries are always in search of new human talent, and many of the positions are very well paid. Some jobs pay more than others, but many of the highest paid positions offer six-figure salaries. Knowing which positions are available and which tend to offer high salaries is the first step to get a new and lucrative job in the sector.

Technical charges

Scientists and engineers play a vital role in the oil and gas industries. Geophysicists help find resources. Mechanical engineers work with machines that make it possible to extract these resources, while production and project engineers deal with large-scale work.


All these technical positions require extensive training, which is one of the reasons why they are among the highest paid jobs in the industry. They are a natural option for people who already have that training or for people who want to resume their studies to boost their careers. On the other hand, there are jobs that pay as much or even more, and do not require that kind of training.


Supervisors and managers

It takes a lot of people to harvest oil and gas. Many of these people perform very specialized functions. All these people need to work together and communicate to make sure things go well. Of course, it is always easier said than done. Managers exist to facilitate that communication and ensure that all people on the team do their job.


Construction managers, drilling supervisors and project managers receive high salaries for their experience. Some of them have technical training, while other managers learned the job gajes at work and were promoted by their experience. These positions are a good option for those who stand out by working with people and focusing on the big picture. .


Get the jobs

The oil and gas industry often offer high salaries, but they require special skills to get the highest paid jobs. In general, jobs that require more training and experience offer the highest salaries. Employees who wish to progress should pay special attention to their skills and evaluate what they can do to expand their experience.