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For the past two decades, Venezuelan-born businessman Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva has been distinguishing himself as a leader and industry expert within the oil and petroleum sector through his business, Southern Procurement Services (SPS).

When Manuel decided to attend university to advance his education, he knew that engineering was the career path in the future for him. He attended the University of Zulia in Maracaibo, Venezuela where he studied engineering and began his training in geodetic engineering. After graduating, he continued his training in geodetic engineering when, at 21 years old, he took an internship with PDVSA, Petróleos de Venezuela Sociedad Anónima, the state-owned oil and natural gas company in Venezuela.

While he was working as an intern for PDVSA, Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva’s interest was piqued by the process and techniques by which companies mine and use natural resources. Within him, a desire grew to find the most optimal way to collect these resources through the effective management of operational, technical, and human resources in such a way that would allow for maximum productivity in extraction and profitability of these natural deposits.

It was this desire that led him to found his business, Southern Procurement Services (SPS), where he focuses on developing and providing those integral solutions to complex problems within the industry, like how to maximize available resources. When it comes right down to it, Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva is passionate about the work he does. He founded SPS with the vision of taking risks and relying on markets that have high potential.

He and the rest of the team at SPS have worked hard to stand out among others in the industry. Many other industry leaders will focus on a single activity within the process, but pulling from his vast professional experience, Manuel was able to build out a business that acts as an aggregate of the process, encompassing the entire value chain by increasing production.

Outside of his work in the oil and petroleum industry, Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva is a well-rounded businessman who has a vast amount of experience. He qualified as both a lawyer and an oil expert. Manuel has additionally studied Maritime Law, International Trade, and Business. He also has extensive experience working in hydrocarbons and petrochemicals, as well as international contracting and construction.

For more on Manuel Chinchilla Da Silva or his work within the oil and petroleum sector, check out his blog!

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